Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beginning Again With Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows 10 and my HP computer joined hands in holy cyber matrimony at 6pm, this day, PST. I am so happy! :) I plan to get all of my errands run and then I am going to return to my motel and explore everything that I can about this new operating system. Yeehaw! It will take awhile for me to become familiar with everything here...because really, folks...for those of you who have not yet tied the knot...this upgrade feels like I have just opened a whole new computer again! And I am sure that both Microsoft and I will run into some walls. But I have faith that the group at Microsoft will cooperate nicely with we both get used to this new operating system. Thank you, once again, Microsoft for working so hard to make this happen. Now I am sure that at least some of you want to know what this new browser and the whole package looks like. Heh-heh...get your own bag.

The Windows 10 Wedding--Part Two

The initial download didn't finish up until this afternoon...for several reasons.

First of all, I have to use a public WI-FI connection at the library. Obviously that didn't work
well last night. And eventually, when the initial download was at about 96%...I got a red "X"
in a circle and an error message.

"Oh gee..." I thought, "It looks like either the bride or the groom has gotten cold feet."

So, I shut everything down for the night and returned back here to the library early this

I logged on and there was the window...happily picking up where it left off last night...
downloading away.

When the initial download finished, my computer did a few things very fast and then it
went into the "Preparing For Installation" mode that it is in now. Perhaps the marriage is
back on track.

I will see.

The preacher and the organ lady are ready. Let's see if the happy couple make it down the

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Windows 10 Wedding Has Begun

And so it has finally begun.

It is in the download stage...right now at 20% and counting. The entire download is listed at
more than 2,700 MB. Ja-HEESH!!

But then, it is an entirely new operating

Right now it feels like a three-toed sloth is s-l-o-w-l-y opening up one of my birthday presents.

I got mad this morning and sent forty whacks worth of words to Microsoft, via their support chat
service. The next thing I know...I was handed the whole package (with love and kisses, of course.)

Of course.

How this will all end up is anybody's guess, at this point. But I will keep you updated as Windows 10 officially completes its nuptials with my HP machine.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kim Hakes...Again (Updated)

July 28, 2015 Update: This isn't an update on the case (I wish it was) but my response to the July 2015 article listed below.

I read the statements made by the Corvallis chief of police and just shook my head in disgust. In my opinion, he might as well have said: "Oh, let's just put this mess behind us and move on to more important things. This whole thing has become too awkward and expensive to deal with anymore."

Yeah, his words read like that.

I wonder if Kim was murdered by someone from outside of the homeless circle. Perhaps someone who is filled with hatred but who walks on the path that is used by the rest of the rest of Corvallis mainstream society.

In other words, something doesn't...right from the very beginning...add up.

Does it?

As for the comment about the "30 seconds of fame"...that was a truly stupid thing to say.



Yesterday I received an anonymous comment that I subsequently published under a previous post that I put up about Kim Hakes.

The new comment shared the following information with me:

"I am Kim's older cousin. The last time I saw her she looked healthy and was sober. I know she struggled with her addiction. It broke her heart to have to give up and lose her babies. Luckily I was blessed to raise her first born son as my own. Then I had her oldest daughter for a few years until she wanted to return to Kim. I know that Kim is finally at peace in the universe. I know that her killer will be judged by our higher beings and his/her fate is already sealed. I love and miss you Kimberly! See you down the road!"

The part of the comment that jumped out at me is the last sentence..."See you down the road."

It almost sounds like it was posted by a long-haul trucker.

I am back in Corvallis, tonight. I have been away from this city at night for over six months now. Tonight I will stay outside at the transit center and then go back on the road at some point tomorrow.

But tonight it will be all about Kim. I met a woman yesterday who is the epitome of wrong thinking.
She is not homeless, on the contrary...she lives in a $650,000 home. And she hates homeless people...
especially women. Suffice it to say that she is a truly horrible human being.

I'm glad that Kim never met her.

Kim's murderer has not been found yet...and almost six months has passed since she was brutally slain. I wish her killer would do the right thing and just go away and die. In my opinion, that is the only proper thing left to do.