Friday, November 21, 2014

It's All About Ferguson

Well now what?

I don't know the late Michael Brown's family. But I respect what they said to the media
and what they did.

It's as if they heard the message: "In the end...only kindness will matter."

Part of me aches for those folks. The holiday season is approaching and they have lost
one of their own. A member of their own family. A child. And now they are left with a
treasure box of Thanksgiving memories.

How will that family celebrate this year? How will they celebrate at all?

How will they reach out beyond that "Seasons' Greetings" sign?

To me, this isn't about protesters closing ranks in the streets. This is more about a young
man who is gone and another man who is being torn down in disgrace.

I wonder if Michael's Dad sometimes feels like running out into the street, crying, "Where's
my boy?" "I want my son back!" "God, give him back!" "Michael, where are you?"

And I wonder if a man, who once planned to be a paragon of virtue, puts his head in his
hands and runs what happened on that fateful day...through his mind...over. and. over. and.
over. and. over.

 Even Judas couldn't face himself in the end.

Former Officer (because that is what I've heard you'll soon be...back to citizen Darren
Wilson) do you feel any remorse?

Did you tell the truth or did you lose your cool and murder that young man? Did you
kill Michael and then turn yourself into an ugly, arrogant machine so that you could
distance yourself from what really happened?

Did Michael
Brown put you in a spot where you had to literally fight for your life?

Darren Wilson, do you regret that you went to work that day?

Do you feel sad?

Have you gone to visit Michael Brown's grave?

What's the truth here?

I don't want to hear about protests or free turkeys or see signs or hear racial slurs or
listen to sound bites or discuss terrorism and politics, anymore.


Perhaps that is the very reason why the Grand Jury hasn't made their decision yet.
Maybe they feel exactly the same way.




Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Biggest Threat In Ferguson

Michael Brown, Sr. Asks For An End To Violence

"I am having Thanksgiving dinner with guests next week, even if that means to the tune of helicopters and bullhorns."

"We rebuilt and became stronger than before. We are in the midst of yet another storm and 
through this, we will also prevail."--Ferguson Resident Stefannie Wheat.
So many people are angry in Ferguson, Missouri, right now. They are growling,
they are yelling, they are cursing and they are condemning.

However, an individual who lives there reminded me of what happened on
April 22, 2011. On that day, nobody...not anyone...with a badge, a bullhorn or
a bullet...could have stopped what slammed into that community.

From The National Weather Service

So now we have the dark emotions of anger and hatred swirling up in
that same place again...but this time it has nothing to do with barometric
pressure. No. This time it is the direct result (in my opinion) of stupidity.

The truth is that none of those so-called "violent protesters" are really
controlling anything in November 2014. Anymore than they controlled
the wind in April 2011.

It's really all a delusion.

What that woman on the video said, as she walked through the
aftermath of that tornado in what every person in Ferguson,
Missouri should remember tonight.

No bad behavior is going to fix what is broken in that city, now. But
I think it would be wise, at this point, to consider what the citizens
(and friends) of Ferguson should all be thankful for.

Before something far more sinister...rises up and reminds them all that...
there's a price to pay for not appreciating the blessings that they
already have.

Please Pick The Winner

"Hmmm...let me think...why was he arrested?...Oh yeah, I know!"

Interview With A Ferguson Cop's Wife

Who do you think won something worthwhile as a result of this incident in
Ferguson, Missouri last night?

Who do you respect in this equation?


FSU Shooting: Disgrace In A Public Place

"In a million years I wouldn't have thought he'd do something like this."--Abigail Taunton.



Jason Derfuss: One Student's Miracle

Early this morning, it happened again. Another dysfunctional individual strode into a
public place and opened fire.

And you know what gets me the most about this latest shooting?

The fact that it happened in a public place. Yes, that's what really concerns me.

I am in public places every day.

I am in a public place right now...a local McDonald's restaurant...typing this out on
my laptop.

When I leave here, I will board a bus to the public library...which is located very near
to the campus of Oregon State University...and their in Corvallis, Oregon.

I worry sometimes when I am out and about...I wonder if someone is going to pull out
a gun and open fire at the transit center or the Fred Meyer grocery store.
Like someone seeking out fire exits, I have already rehearsed in my mind where I will
go if the bullets start flying in any of those places.

That shouldn't be the case...but it is.

So where are we, as a nation, going to take this situation?

To a higher level?

Or are we going to figure out, once and for all, how to prevent this sort of thing from

Just how brave or gutless are our people going to become?