Monday, August 04, 2014

Kyron Isn't Calling You Mom



I heard the news today and I'm ecstatic. And now I'm waiting for the rest of the
Red Rat's rocket to blow. Because what I hoped, prayed for and
beginning to come true: Creepy Claire StuckPig Stella Slutface finally
falling apart.

Today, a very good judge denied Terri Lynn Moulton's request to legally change
her name. In other words,  Moulton's wish to "start over a new life without the stigma
of Horman attached to it"  (a direct quote from Moulton) won't happen anytime soon.
Or later, either.

Creepy Claire showed her true colors when she referred to Kyron as a "stigma"
(for all intent and purposes) and "my son" in practically the same breath. But she didn't
fool anybody...least of all the judge.

Crazy Claire went on to say that she's still living with her parents (awwww), hasn't held a
paying job in four years (double awwww) and is tired of being vilified on blog posts
(heheheheheheheheheh). Translation: Terri Lynn Moulton is miserable and Claire Stella
Sullivan is going batshit crazy.

Yeah, the shine has rubbed right off your role and now the heavy burden in your rotting
conscience is caving in, right Ms. Moulton?

You're stuck, aren't you, a child in the corn...and now your terrified inner screams
are knocking the ears right off of thier stalks. You feel penned-in, overwhelmed and your
formerly free spirit is now finding it harder and harder to breath.

That's because you've walked too far into that cold, corn field in your mind, Terri Lynn.
Way too far.

It isn't time to change your name, or move to another town or get a real job. It's time for
you to have a straight talk with your own guilt and face the TRUTH.

And then share that truth with the rest of us.

You feel that your life is slipping away, don't you, Terri.

Well, what about Kyron's life?


Forget about your name...there is still time to change your entire existence: Tell us where
Kyron is. Help us bring Kyron home.

The offer still stands: I will meet you anywhere at any time if you decide that you are
woman enough to face me and tell me the whole story.

I've spent over twenty years on the road. I'm more than ready to spend some time with you.


Friday, August 01, 2014

The Return Of "Ruthie In The Sky"

Hello, everyone.

I have some good news for you: "Ruthie In The Sky" will be updated...starting tomorrow. I am going to post new road updates and add some new photographs. And yes, I plan to put in my two diamond rocks about Terri "Crap Has Many Names" Moulton, too.

Yes, I now have my hands on a nice little device...and this post is one of the first
actions I am doing online.

Stay tuned tuned for new videos (which should be clearer), as well.

It's great to be back. :

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Letter To Sunny--Part Three

The magic called Marie...

When I woke up the next morning, the sky was clear and the sun was just beginning to rise. So I sat up,
tied my shoes, stood up, stretched, pulled the backpack over my shoulders and trudged down the stone steps.

I had no idea where to go.

But when  I got to the corner, I saw a store that is a standard, retail landmark. I crossed the street and
made a beeline for it.

After I heard the angels sing in the restroom, I sighed and wandered back out to the parking lot.

"Somebody please help me" I prayed to myself. And a few minutes later, someone did.

Her name is Marie.

And she is a very sweet, kind and perceptive individual with a good heart. Somehow, through the
swirling clouds of my own desperation, she saw me. But, unlike the cop that I met the night before, Marie
did not walk away.

She stayed.

I think that you'd like her, Sunny.

Marie had just finished up working a third-shift at the store. But she packed me up and took me home
with her. Then, she fixed me breakfast, helped me start some laundry, let me take a bath and then she and I
went to sleep. She laid down on the big sofa and I sacked-out on the smaller couch. And for the next 8 hours,
we shared each other's company...unconscious on our respective cushions.

When we woke up again, the sun was over on the other end of the sky. Marie told me about her family and I finished up my laundry and ate dinner. Marie and I compared notes about computers and significant others (she is a newlywed and her husband's job takes him away from home for days at a time) and life.

The next day, Marie packed up a nice bag full of  food, snacks, plastic utensils, sodas and water. She gave it to me and we headed back out the door of her home, together. Marie and I tried organizations, agencies and churches in the area...but no one wanted to help me.

That ticked Marie right off.

Finally, she drove me as far as she could and then she dropped me off. Little did she or I know just how bad things were going to get after that.

(--To Be Continued--)