Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ruthie On The Road, Update


Way up nort der, eh?

Yeah. North Dakota...the land of pickup trucks that are jacked-up so high that a gazelle could barely jump in. A dusty environment that looks like one big ranch and smells like a thousand oil wells.

Some of the houses are small but many of the egos are big. This State isn't really for the timid. It
is deserving of a big billboard declaring: "Prove Yourself  Here Or Be A Wuss In Another State!"

Hitchhiking through North Dakota has proven to be a challenge for me. Most of the people here just
drive past me and smile. Or wave. But they don't stop.

North Dakota is noisy, too. I'm convinced that no one here owns a vehicle with a muffler attached!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ruthie On The Road, Update/Private Message

                                 7 1/2 HOURS OF HITCHHIKING IN THE COLD TAKES
                                  A TOLL ON ME IN DEER LODGE, MONTANA

                                   ALL PHOTOS BY RUTH RADER

                                            AND THE WEATHER WENT FROM THIS...

                                             TO THIS...

                                             SURE FELT GOOD TO GET OUT OF THE RAIN...

My Video Message From The Road Today

Road Update/Message To The Dumbasses

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Private Message


This message is intended for and directed at those individuals who know exactly who they are. No one in my circle of friends is included on the recipient list of this message:

I know what you have been doing and what you did. However, I have my own way of dealing with it and am well-trained in the art of "who's zooming who?"

At this point, I rejoice with the belated news that one of you has fallen. Ding, Dong...the witch is gone!

Monday, May 04, 2015

Diana: Honor In Her Name

The new royal baby princess has been given the beautiful name of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. And
I am very happy to know that. One of my guesses on Facebook was Charlotte Diana, so I wasn't
really that far off. And what a perfectly bonny lass she is!



A Gun And Getting To The Truth

This video and a corresponding transcript arrived in my email this morning. Usually I
form an opinion one way or another fairly quickly. But not this time. Ben Philippi, who
produced this video, has some impressive credentials. But,  in my opinion,
he still comes across as a bit of a morbid, creepy guy.

Philippi's points may be valid but then again...maybe not. He claims that Jessica was
"hit over the head." And while it has been reported that she had a large gash on her head,
there is no definitive proof (as far as I know) how Jessica received that injury.

He also declares in the video that if Jessica had access to a gun on that fateful night last
December, she "might have had a chance." Really, none of us know that and maybe we
never will.

I just wish that the F.B.I. and those backwoods bumpkins with badges in Courtland,
Mississippi...would stop fooling around and arrest whomever committed this atrocious

Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Truth Is In The Trash

I have received no plus ones for this post but I am standing by what I wrote and what I said in the video.


Baltimore City Police Live Scanner

I recently posted this on my Facebook page in response to a reader's comment: (April 30, 2015)

People who loot and riot and destroy property and injure officers are monkeys. Period. And where they are doing it is in the urban section of Baltimore...therefor it is a total urban tantrum. And I for one am getting sick of it.

"Impoverished inner city youth" my butt! The rioters are mainly adults (in the weakest sense of the word) and they and any teens who are involved, should be ashamed of themselves. And "impoverished" people live in Nepal right now...not in Baltimore, Maryland. If an 8 point earthquake hit that city today, then all bets would be off. Nobody would be thinking up excuses to hurt people, light fires or steal. Priorities would suddenly change. The rioters in Baltimore have a great deal of energy which they are putting to bad use. I bet the folks in Nepal would give everything to have half of that energy, right now.

Also, the term "monkeys" refers to anyone who is rioting in Baltimore and those rioters are not just black. White people have been arrested, too. I know this because I saw photos of that happening via the Associated Press. And furthermore, I have not referred to anyone by color...on the contrary, the only one between the two of us who initially referred to color is you.

"White people throwing the word monkey around" is racist and the veil is not included. As for the "racial divide" that you referred to, that is an apple to Baltimore's oranges. The disgraceful behavior in Baltimore is not about racial is all about a group of people who have chosen to act like monkeys instead of decent human beings with a clear sense of right and wrong and what their blessings are.